“..Sonora is a definite phenomena and the repertoire is a most pleasant surprise.”

Greg Applegate Adwards, Classical-Modern Music

“In a world in which much of what we know, including musical achievement, is readily left behind in changing times as we rush toward the future, Sonora Winds bring recognition to Polish 20thcentury composers to help preserve their heritage and legacy.. As a tribute to the composers the musicians bring the clear, resonate sounds of the instruments to the ears of the listener…” 

Joel C. Thompson, Cherry Grove Music

Went to hear the Minnesota- based Sonora Winds whose repertoire consisted exclusively of mid-20th century Polish repertoire for oboe (Madeline Miller), clarinet (Anastasiya Nyzkodub), and bassoon (Marta Troicki). I was so glad I did, because I had never heard any of the three pieces they performed previously—works by Antoni Szalowski and Władysław Walentynowicz, plus an early piece I was unfamiliar with by Witold Lutosławski, the only familiar name. (After the conference, I listened to their excellent disc on MSR Classics which also features a wind quartet— adding flutist Bethany Gonella—by another new name to me, Janina Garścia, so thankfully the disc was not devoted exclusively to male composers.) Sonora’s showcase gave me the same thrill I get from hearing so-called “new music” premieres: encountering something I didn’t know.”

Frank J. Oteri, New Music USA

“They have uncovered some interesting music here..Performances are spirited and vibrant, with good balance between the players, but also with the independence of line that woodwind chamber music thrives on.”

Gavin Dixon, Classical Music Reviews